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texas surfing links

Superior Surfboards - one of the best surfboards made in texas
Thirdcoast - formerly texas tubes
Gulf Surf Co. - local surfboard maker
TGSA - texas gulf surfing association
Texas Wave Rider - texas surfing
Surfrider Texas - original texas chapter
Surfrider Central - austin chapter
TOBA - texas open beaches advocates
Surf Texas 365 - photographic proof of surf in texas

world surfing links

Surf Info - very good east coast site
Life Lounge - the latest in surfing news
ASP - association of surfing professionals
Ocean Surf - formerly high tide page - very complete
Surfer Magazine - online surfer magazine
Beach Drive - Surfside, Texas
Surfer Alert SurfCams
Dawn Patrol - south african surfing experience
Bondi Beach - austrailia beach site - surf report
Board Sock Shop - custom made socks for your board
ColdSwell - surfing in england and ireland
Surf Info - check out the east coast surf scene
PerfectWave - B.O.M. - bikini of the month
Surfer Resources - very comprehensive set of links
Puerto Escondido - great set of links for surfing in mexico
SurfCity - north carolina surfing
Discover.Com - surfing links
World Surf Day - surfers from around the world
Surf Pulse - surf fitness - staying in shape
USSF - united states surfing federation
WannaSurf - surfing the world
SurfGEO - worldwide surfing information and links
Surf4 - global internet directory of surfing
Six Foot Glass - surfing photos from flordia
Longboard Life - all about longboarding
SurfTrip - traveling the world looking for the perfect wave
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