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Bringing to Texas a truly cool method of checking the surf via the Internet.

Every morning you'll get a photo of the surf from Beach Drive in Surfside
and the outside at "Octagon", usually by 6:30 am. The photo will be updated every 15 minutes (every minute for the "Octagon" cam!) throughout the day!

A detailed surf report containing current conditions will be posted around 7:00 am, and updated if the surf conditions change during the day.
So if you're at home or work, as long as you can get on the net,
you are within seconds of knowing if the surf is going off!

We also have a WAP page for you mobile freaks!

How do you know if the surf is really good? I mean, to some Knee High
chop is great, to others it's gotta be Overhead with Offshores.

This site was started by Gary Koerner, Surfside's Surf Cam reporter, who had
been surfing here for over 15 years. We here at the Surf Cam are continuing his
legacy, to give the surfers in this area what they are looking for in a surf report.

Reports include a description of the conditions, so you can decide if the surf is
right for you. Wave heights are measured by the size of the face of the wave,
and compared to a surfers body height, knee, waist, chest, or head high, etc.

So what's it going to cost me you ask?

Presently, it is totally free, thanks to our sponsors! Also we provide an Email
"Surfer Alert" service that will alert you to when the surf is going off.

Join over 1,700 Texas surfers who know when it's going off!

Our e-mail "SURFER ALERT" is sent whenever the surf is up and cranking.
You'll be able to get on it when the waves and conditions are right for you.
BEST OF ALL IT'S FREE, thanks to our sponsors! Sound good?
Want to get on the list? Just click the links above.

Again, help keep the Surf Cam free - Our sponsors keep this site going,
be sure to support them and let them know you appreciate their support.
Go by and let them know you saw their banner on this site!

That explains the Surf Cam. Now you shouldn't miss the good
swells or waste time driving when it's flat or totally choppy.

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7 million and counting!   waves checked since January 1, 1998